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Social networks can be a quick and effective way of generating substantial web traffic and a ‘buzz’ about a product or service, and without spending a fortune.

Social Media Promotion

Social media can certainly be a controversial topic, but there’s no doubting its effectiveness in promoting products and services to a wider audience than was previously possible for relatively little time and effort. Many businesses these days rely solely on their Facebook account, for example, to spread the word about their products and services.

But for those new to social media promotion, the options available on social networks like Facebook and Twitter can seem a bit daunting. Done correctly, the rewards can be huge, but how do you get started?

We can guide you through the process of getting set up on your chosen social network and advise on the best strategies for promoting your business and brand.

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I have had the pleasure of working with Clear Sky Websites and been delighted to find somebody who listened to my needs and was only satisfied once I was. A rare quality these days.
Peter Gray, Proprietor, Cliffords Cottage Restaurant